The First 100 Days

Since January 20th, I've been in a constant state of researching what's going on in our political climate. I think it's become a way for me to process and dare I say, grieve, what I feel is complete chaos and a direction that scares me. It's been enlightening and frustrating to read about our illegal immigration systems and just how deeply complicated it is. I've researched groups like "The Freedom Caucus" and read the America First budget. My friends and I meet once a month to talk about what's going on and work on issues that mean something to us. I've even had a group of women from Portland, OR reach out to our group to see how they can partner with us across state lines and advocate for each other's political issues. It's been a crazy yet empowering last 100 days and I am frequently asking myself "what's happened to you and why are you using words like "constituents" in your vocabulary these days?". I also feel embarrassed that it's taken me so long to wake up.

Another way I've been working through things I've read is to design something with that information. A lot of it is completely bonkers and it directly affects so many I love. I'm not sure what else to do with the information except to chart it out and share it with the world.

One of the items on the America First chopping block are our public libraries. I decided to take a few of the points in the budget that concerned me and design them to look like library catalog cards. 

Interested in getting to know who this group called the House Freedom Caucus is? Hey, me too! Here's a little info about them.

Thanks for following along. Because this is the internet and things can quickly go off the deep end with fact checkers, I'll ask that you please do research on your own if you feel this is off base. I'd even love it if you shared with me your findings that may be different.