Beth Mathews: Senior Visual Designer and Creative Content Strategist



Hi Buffer team! Let’s talk about one of your core values...transparency! I have been a visual UX designer for HP (Hewlett-Packard) the past 4 years. They recently laid the creative team off in July. Here are the goals I wrote for myself on August 24th. There are a lot of cross similarities between Buffer’s needs and expectations and my personal goals.

What I can bring to the table

Design Skills:

I have 11 years of experience in print, web, and UX/UI design. My goal with any project is to create beautiful and engaging designs that are smart and intuitive. The tools I use to achieve this are Adobe Creative Suite, InVision, Basecamp, and pen and paper.


I use programs like Clicktale to help guide and inform the web experiences I design and build. Doing this allows myself and the team I'm working with the ability to monitor, track and adjust designs based on the human interactions with the site. I also use Bitly to track links and test call-to-actions. 

Art in any form is a way to connect with what’s going on around us and it gives us real life tools to do or say something about it. Design and activism for me go beyond the computer. Whether it's creating videos on kindness, hosting events to create welcome bags for refugee women, or manufacturing physical products to inspire others to become more involved... these are things that connect us using the best platform for that specific call to action.

Compassionate Innovation:

I have an obsession with film color palettes, I painted my office millennial pink in 2016, and I love sharing a good gif. Also, my top text message emoji is 🕵.

Social Expertise & Trendspotting:

Here are some professional work examples:

Visual web design and UX/UI design

Logo Design


Print Design


I like to make things for fun.

Watch my Creative Mornings talk. I wore a headset mic like Will Ferrel.

Thank you for your time and for what you do!