Beth Mathews - Designer and Art Director

The world is hungry for positive actionable ways to engage in real life issues and I love to use the tools I have to create easy, beautiful, and thought-provoking campaigns for others to come along for the ride. 

American Operational Guide Book

I created the American Operational Guide Book as an online resource tool for Americans to help educate themselves on the ins and outs of the U.S. Government. This campaign includes weekly lessons as well as a recap video for each volume of lessons. #AmericanOperationalGuidebook


A memo kit for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

A resistance kit for the modern suffragette! I developed this project through concept, design, manufacturing, and assembling. Designing office supplies has always been a passion of mine. Out of a creative need to design fun office supplies and a desire to help inspire others to turn their civic passions into action, the Memo Kit for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. was born. This kit is now sold online and in local Nashville retailers. Each box contains a notebook, Joan of Arc inspired pencils, postcards, thank you notecards and a screen-printed bandana. 


Visual web design

I've spent the past four years at HP (Hewlett-Packard) working on product and corporate web design projects with their visual UX/UI team. The end goal for each site was to take the customer on a journey using design, photography, and crafted-copy as our tools to tell HP's story.

Design Skills

I have 11 years of experience in print, web, and UX/UI design. My goal with any project is to create beautiful and engaging designs that are smart and intuitive. The tools I use to achieve this are Adobe Creative Suite, InVision, Basecamp, and pen and paper.

Visual and Design Thinking

I have the ability to translate abstract concepts into graphic visualizations by defining the problem, researching, forming ideas, prototyping and testing to create successful designs and campaigns.

Compassionate and Empathetic 

Using my design skills to help interpret the world around me for myself and others is what makes me tick! Examples include creating a welcome projectan immigrant eateries project, and a lofty goal of starting a marketplace for nonprofit projects

Social Expertise & Trendspotting:

I have an obsession with film color palettes, I painted my office millennial pink in 2016, and I love sharing a good gif. Also, my top text message emoji is 🕵.

Thank you for your time! I hope to speak with you soon.