HP ENVY Laptop

At HP, one of my main roles is to create model detail pages for new product launches. This includes using best UX practices for wire-framing, mobile and desktop design, and pro-typing.


HP ENVY Laptop Project Goals:

1. Convey that the ENVY Laptop can partner with millennials to help them on their own journey to success. Accomplish this by using lifestyle photography mixed with high design product renders.

2. Create relevant user stories.

3. Design with a mobile first approach.

4. Close the gap between consideration and preference.


The Process:

1. Met with stakeholders to determine the audience and goals.

2. Designed a desktop and mobile version of the page using lifestyle photography, high level product renders as well as mobile friendly web copy.

3. Presented the designs to multiple HP stakeholders using InvisionApp.

4. Submited finalized files and optimized image assets to the developer using Box.