The Mom Bag emerged from becoming friends with a refugee woman from Syria in 2016. See how a friendship grew into welcome bags for refugee women across the US and a Nashville mentorship program.

Thank you to Southern Living Magazine for featuring this project in your "Meet 50 people moving the South forward with groundbreaking nonprofits, impactful projects, and innovative ideas." in 2016!


TIRRC Votes strengthens and expands our democracy by building power in immigrant and refugee communities and advocating for equitable and inclusive public policy. I had the honor to design their social media campaign before the midterm elections. I created a modernized American color scheme and used fresh, bold modern typefaces to represent forward progress.

American Operational Guide Book

I created the American Operational Guide Book as an online resource tool for Americans to help educate themselves on the ins and outs of the U.S. Government. This campaign includes weekly lessons as well as a recap video for each volume of lessons. #AmericanOperationalGuidebook


A memo kit for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

A resistance kit for the modern suffragette! I developed this project through concept, design, manufacturing, and assembling. Out of a creative need to design fun office supplies and a desire to help inspire others to turn their civic passions into action, the Memo Kit for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. was born. This kit is now sold online and in local Nashville retailers. Each box contains a notebook, Joan of Arc inspired pencils, postcards, thank you notecards and a screen-printed bandana. 


Immigrant Run Eateries

In January of 2017, it felt like an important time to elevate our local support of immigrant-run eateries in Nashville, TN. I'm very lucky to live in a neighborhood with diverse cultures and with that perk, comes great food options! Thus "Immigrant Run Eateries" began. It started as a printable pdf and quickly had over 1,500 downloads.

Immigrant Run Eateries has been featured in the New York Times as well as The Nashville Scene. There are future plans to develop this concept by including other cities. Visit Immigrant Run Eateries.


30 Day Election Survival Guide

A 30 Day Election Survival Guide. Each day I featured a simple call to action to help us all stay sane, kind and forward-thinking.

Here are a few immigration 'memes' I've created over the past year that have reached more than 1 million people.

2,419,796 People Reached | 178,488k Reactions, Comments & Shares on Facebook

2,419,796 People Reached | 178,488k Reactions, Comments & Shares on Facebook

20,277k People Reached | 1,978 Reactions, Comments & Shares

20,277k People Reached | 1,978 Reactions, Comments & Shares

1.2 million People Reached

1.2 million People Reached

For the heck of it

Thank you for your time and for what you do!