Beth Mathews

Manager of Social Impact


Hi! I am a highly creative pro-active manager of social impact projects with 12 years of experience that leads by inspiring and encouraging others. I am also a storyteller that can deliver insights verbally and visually in a way that generates empathy, emotion, and engagement. As a creative director, I’ve led a team of creatives while clearly and concisely communicating with a cross-functional team. I’ve self-started nonprofit projects that led to a nomination of “50 People Changing the South”.

I’ve listed too many “I” statements now and would love to hear more about you (!) but will end with one more: I would love to be part of Participant Media’s Social Impact team.

Samples of work

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 12.39.28 PM.png

Develops Digital Audiences

HP, Inc. has an amazing history of innovation and they needed a centralized location for it’s past, present, and future innovation news stories. Thus, the creation of HP Garage. As the lead producer for the project, I worked with HP’s internal communications team + digital agency to build and design the HP Garage.


A Creative Partner

I am an award-winning art director for short-films. As a creative, I can lead meetings, events, and screenings with distributors, talent, filmmakers, partner organizations and sponsors as needed.


Executes Social Impact Campaigns

TIRRC Votes strengthens and expands our democracy by building power in immigrant and refugee communities and advocating for equitable and inclusive public policy. I had the honor to design their social media campaign before the midterm elections.


Film Project Management

I am currently managing a 10,000+ educational video program for Great Minds. This includes working with 4 video production teams, animators, and illustrators. I oversee the budget, timeline, and creative direction.


Conducts Research

I am the type of person that reads the president’s budget proposal, takes notes, and creates presentations “for fun” to present to my friends to showcase how it affects immigrants + diverse communities.


Relationship Builder

Designer + Creator of Simply Kind: The mission of Simply Kind was to connect kind people to simple, short-term emergency relief projects.

Creator, Organizer, and Event Manager of The Mom Bag: A welcome project and mentorship group for refugee women.

Designer + Go-Getter of Immigrant Run Eateries: A tool to help others support our immigrant community one bite at a time.