Beth Mathews

Creative Director, Producer, + Story Teller

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Collector of Stories

In 2016, in response to the divisive rhetorical towards our immigrant communities, I launched Immigrant Run Eateries in Nashville, TN. Immigrant Run Eateries is a tool to help support and celebrate the diverse community in Nashville, one bite at a time. IRE allowed me to do what I love to do: speak to strangers and eat great food.


  • Creator + voice behind the project

  • Story collector + content creator

  • Website + social media image design

Digital Content Creator

HP, Inc. has an incredibly interesting history of innovation. HP needed a centralized location for it’s past, present, and future innovation + news stories. Thus, the creation of HP Garage. As the lead designer + producer for the project, I worked with HP’s internal communications team + digital agency to build and design the HP Garage.

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Delivers Social Impact through Social Media Campaigns

TIRRC Votes strengthens and expands our democracy by building power in immigrant and refugee communities and advocating for equitable and inclusive public policy. I had the honor to create their social media campaign before the midterm elections. I wrote copy and designed a modernized American color scheme and used fresh, bold modern typefaces to represent forward progress.


  • Designer

  • Copywriter

  • Researcher

Additional Work


  • Contrary to Likeness - Art Director

    • Festival De Cannes (Shorts) 2015

  • Everyday Yeti - Art Director | 2015 Best Film

    • Nashville 48 Hr Film Project

  • Sorry About Tomorrow - Art Director

    • Official Selection of: PBS Online Film Fest

  • Lime and Davenport - Art Director

    • Best Art Direction - Nashville 48 Hr Film Project

  • Southern Living Magazine

    • The Mom Bag Project | 50 People Changing the South through Nonprofit Projects

Skills include:

  • Adobe Photoshop + Premiere

  • Content Management Systems:

    • Squarespace, Wordpress + Drupal

  • Award Winning Short-Film Art Director

  • Brand + Visual Graphic Designer

  • Manager and Mentor

  • Strong Communication Skills

  • Self-starter


  • Bachelor of Arts | 2007 | Belmont University

    • Degree: Mass Communications

    • Minor: Graphic Design