A memo kit for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

A resistance kit for the modern suffragette! I developed this project through concept, design, manufacturing, and assembling. Designing office supplies has always been a passion of mine. Out of a creative need to design fun office supplies and a desire to help inspire others to turn their civic passions into action, the Memo Kit for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. was born. This kit is now sold online and in local Nashville retailers. Each box contains a notebook, Joan of Arc inspired pencils, postcards, thank you notecards and a screen-printed bandana. 


A look inside the resistance kit


The Tennessee Yellow Rose Suffragette Scarf


20 postcards addressed to send to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue


1 Memo Notebook to help you keep track of your efforts


10 pencils to keep your spirits high


10 thank you cards for the helpers