Art Direction and Production Design

One would think traveling through time would be fun, but it’s not. It hurts. A lot. And sometimes, people die because of it. Meet Baldwin. Haunted by the actions of his past and hunted by men from the future, Baldwin attempts to stop the tragic state of events by going back in time to break up with the love of his life.

Written, Directed and Produced by Motke Dapp
Producers: Ryan Hartsock and Tim Arnold
Associate Producer and Assistant Director: Megan Ledford

Official Selection of:
Cinequest Film Festival (San Jose)
Boston Science Fiction Film Festival
Asheville Cinema Festival

Awards won:
Best Sound Design - Jimmy Jernigan
Best Cinematography - Micah Simms
Best Editing - Katie Sluder and Tim Arnold
Best Director - Motke Dapp
Best Screenplay - Motke Dapp
Best Actress - Colleen Helm
Best Sci Fi Film
Judges Award