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American Operational Guidebook

Civics 101! In 2018, I began an online Civics 101 social media campaign to help Americans get back to the basics. This included social media images, videos, action items, and illustration design.


The National Park Service

Our National Parks Service is fascinating. Not only from a landscape perspective are they valuable but they also are one of America’s most incredible displays of using wayfinding and implementing design systems. From the signage to the marketing materials, and photography, our National Parks not only is a gift to us from an outdoors and education perspective, but they are a gift to the design and creative community. With this in mind, I wanted to create a chart that showcased not only their geographic location and terrains but also their corresponding color palette. Color plays so much into how we think about each National Park. When one visualizes Great Smoky Mountain National Park and it’s hues of grays, browns, and blues, it’s vastly different than the visual imagery of Zion National Park with its deep reds, browns, and oranges. Here is my interpretation of this American phenomenon.


The Wild West Trip